Imam Hussein Holy Shrine participates in the fourth annual flowers fair

Imam Hussein holy shrine participated in the fourth annual flowers fair held by the municipality of Baghdad province, in EL-Zaora'a public garden located in Baghdad province for the period from the 4th until the 15th of May 2012. The acting head of the administrative affairs of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein said; "many foreign and Arab countries participated in this fair, in addition to the municipalities of all Iraqi provinces". The holy shrine of Imam Hussein has been granted a shield of merit and creativity. Mr. (Baha' Khudhur) said further; "the participation of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein has been demonstrated by making (Safi'nt-Elnajat) the (ark of salvation), and a map of Iraq made out of flowers. The design of the (ark of salvation) has been made according to the meaning of the prophet's speech "Hussein is the light of guidance and the ark of salvation ". But for the map of Iraq, it's been designed on a 30 square meter piece of land, and the sun of Karbala shines in the middle of it to light all over Iraq". Results of the festival as following: First of all provinces: Basra province. Second of all provinces: Nainawa province First of Baladiat Baghdad: EL-Mansoor Second of Baladiat Baghdad: EL-Kadhumeya First of countries participated: Syria Second of countries participated: Holland & Ireland The Grand prize was given to first party of the festival (the holy shrine of Imam Hussein – free-planting unit). The symbolic shield of distinction and creativity was presented to the holy shrine of Imam Hussein.